Katharsis is a 3-channel installation that examines the paradigms of representation, intersectionality and social construct. In collaboration with people from the queer and the academic community in Berlin, the work pursues the deconstruction of a recorded video interview that Miguel conducted near the European border in north Morocco with a 29 year old woman traveling from Nigeria. Through a reenactment of the event, the participants blur the boundaries between the questioner, the observer, the performer and the gender lines. The work focusses on devaluating Miguel’s role as interviewer by engaging the participants in a critical conversation about his respective privileges.

From an inevitable and recognised subjective condition, the work exposes a serie of social structures existing between different communities and generates a debate on how identities are built under capitalist and post-colonial modes of discourse.

Katharsis is a project in collaboration with Olivia John, Mia Imani Harrison, J.R. Thesis Smith, Heather Purcell, Angelo Camufingo, Yoon Hee Kim, Arturo Petazzi, János Brückner, Sarah Samethini and Natalia Rodríguez. Produced by Miguel Azuaga and Quincy Junor.